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Work from Home Tips Healthy Snacks for That Extra Boost

Although it can be incredibly comfortable to work at home, the temptations of walking to your kitchen and grabbing whatever snack you can reach can be strong. Because of this, you may find yourself indulging in unhealthy treats, pushing off track from a conscious and healthier lifestyle.

Willpower, in some cases, isn't enough, and sugar-filled comfort food often wins the battle. But you can counter this by preparing healthy meals and snacks in advance so you can ensure that you won't fall under the rabbit hole of harmful foods.

In this article, we'll share with you some healthy snacks that you can munch on while you work at home and keep the temptations at bay. So start making the healthier choice and dive into the various healthy alternative snacks below!

Raw Nuts

One of the best snacks you can reach to give you loads of health benefits is raw nuts. Raw nuts aren't only crunchy and delicious, but they have energy-boosting properties that can help counter that dreaded mid-day slump.

Unfortunately, raw nuts are high in calories, so instead of devouring a whole bag, ensure that you portion each serving so you won't overeat. Create a raw nut-filled healthy snack by mixing some dried fruit into the mix or toss in the nuts in your favorite salad.


If you're feeling quite fruity, avocado is a green superfood that could give you incredible health benefits. Packed with vitamins and minerals, adding avocado to any of your dishes throughout the day is the ultimate healthy hack that can help transform any dish.

You can enjoy avocado as a snack by cutting it in half and sprinkling a bit of salt, or you can add them into your smoothie or piece of toast. Having an avocado toast is a great way to get all the nutrients and minerals you need to kick off your day, so consider adding this ingredient in your weekly meal prep.

Dark Chocolate

For the sweet tooths out there, you can still indulge in your favorite sweets but make sure you're munching on dark chocolate. Dark chocolate, when eaten in moderation, can provide your body with loads of antioxidant benefits. However, you should only eat it as it is and don't gobble it down with a glass of milk.

Enjoy dark chocolate by mixing it in with fresh fruits, or eat it with a side of raw almonds for that extra healthy kick. Consider balancing out the rich flavors of vibrant chocolate by having some delicious coffee from 21st Cup delivered to your doorstep for an extra yummy experience. Trust us — you'll feel even more motivated to work.


If you fancy dips and spreads, hummus is a fantastic healthy snack option you can go for. This delightfully thick and creamy spread is made of hearty and nutritious ingredients, such as olive oil, chickpeas, and garlic. So if you're craving sodium-filled chips and dips, consider throwing them out and try hummus instead.

Hummus pairs perfectly with whole-grain crackers or even some carrots and celery. While you're munching on this treat, you won't remember how healthy it is because it's just too good!

The Bottom Line: You Can Say No to Unhealthy Snacks When You Consciously Choose Healthy Snacks

Working from home can make you want to reach that bag of chips that's staring right at you from the pantry. But you must stay on track and eat healthy, especially when you're working at home.

Fortunately, these healthy snacks can help you fill up your fridge and pantry with nutrient and vitamin-filled treats that won't make you feel guilty after indulging.

For your next work from home day, consider having healthy snacks and coffee delivered to your home through 21st Cup. Once you do, you'll never look at your bag of chips ever again!

Are You Looking for Healthy Snacks to Eat at Home?

Gone are the days where you'll have to settle with the food and snacks you have in the pantry. Now that you're working hard at home, treat yourself with healthy snacks and delicious coffee or tea by ordering from 21st Cup. Let us enhance your work from home experience — order from us today!

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