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Work From Home How To Boost Productivity and Mental Health

In 2020, working remotely has become a norm almost overnight as a result of COVID-19. What was once a dream perk is now the current reality for most people, and some are realizing that it is actually a double-edged sword. Working from home is extremely convenient, but it is also coupled with more distractions and difficulty staying productive. If your to-do list starts to look much longer than it really is or you end up procrastinating the entire day, then it might be time to look into ways to improve your work environment and overall productivity.

There are a few basic things one can do to make the WFH setup better. Sitting up straight and separating work and personal space can be extremely helpful. Eating healthy snacks throughout the day can also ensure that you’re energized without consuming excess calories. Here are some more ways you can boost productivity and mental health in your remote setup.

Start With Location

One of the difficulties that people didn’t fully anticipate when switching to fully remote work was its intrusion into personal space. Instead of working on your laptop fully reclined in bed, assign a spot that you can dedicate solely to work-related tasks. Your brain will associate this with spot with productive work, so you can set your hours, so to speak. It will also help field any distractions from throwing you off your game. While work-life balance is valued, there’s a fine line between flexibility and having your attention pulled away at an unproductive level.

Have a Buddy

If you’re one of those employees who really thrived in an office setting, then you may be wondering how to cope with work from home in the best way. While the constant buzz of instant messages, pings, emails, and calls can become overwhelming with a WFH setup, keeping one or two colleagues on the line may be beneficial for you. Meaningful social interactions can alleviate the feelings of loneliness and isolation that accompany remote working situations. Having a work buddy you can turn to when you feel the need to chat with someone is essential. You can also opt to designate one of your friends who is going through something similar to your buddy. Whether you need to rant or just find someone to relate with can help plenty.

Take Care of Your Health

As much as you try to separate your professional endeavors from your home life, it’s virtually impossible given the current setup. Establishing healthy boundaries is essential to prevent burnout and unnecessary medical expenses. Something as simple as getting to bed on time and sleeping at least eight hours every night can positively affect your productivity levels and mental health. It’s also imperative that you keep a good diet and remember to eat; so many people get consumed by their work and forget to have meals altogether! Investing in some of the best healthy snacks you can find and keeping them within reach during the workday can help keep you energized.

Remember That Everybody Works Differently

Those in managerial roles should remember that every employee works differently, and some may not acclimate as well to the WFH setup as others will. Clear and constant communication is key, and some flexibility should be expected to help struggling employees cope with the differences in the environment while maintaining their performance under the same standards. Giving people as much information as possible can take the pressure off and ease the transition into the disruption.


Working from home turned out to be a whole different ball game from what most everybody expected. It seemed like it was only yesterday that employees were clamoring for WFH as an option for more flexible working arrangements, and now everybody is thrown into the thick of it. Managing your time, setup, and working style is important to succeed in this kind of setup. It is also crucial not to forget your health. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to approach the workday a little more easily and find that work from home is all you expected it to be and more.

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