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Learning How to Instill Better Eating Habits While at Home

The pandemic has caused more people to work from home and stay indoors. A lot of aspects have shifted, including eating habits. Many people are grappling with snacking and eating more unhealthy foods as of late.

It could be for various reasons, from being only a few steps away from the pantry to stress eating to cope with the feeling of being trapped in their own home. It can be challenging to get out of that cycle, but there’s a couple of tips that can help you get back on track to eat a little healthier.

Plan What Goes in the Fridge

Look, you wouldn’t have food that’s high in sugar and calories to eat if they aren’t easily accessible in your fridge anyway. Take a look at what’s currently available in your fridge and try to check for better alternatives or what can be eliminated from the bunch.

Start small by swapping out foods like ice cream and tarts for healthier ones like yogurt and nutrition bars. Don’t forget to introduce a lot of fruits and vegetables, too. There are tons of healthy recipes online that you could recreate.

Set a Schedule for Going to the Kitchen

For those working and studying from home, it can be hard to separate certain areas in your home. Try to condition yourself into a schedule of going to the kitchen area just for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Having a timed schedule may give you more control over your consumption.

It can’t be helped if you just need a small snack to get you through the day, though. Just bring a small bite to your workspace or study table, and don’t linger longer than you need to in the kitchen.

Distract Yourself with Fun Activities

Sometimes, people just eat because they have nothing else to do. This is most prominent during the weekends when there’s no school and the office is closed. Take advantage of that time by developing healthier habits and fun activities.

If you’re able to, go for a walk for the sake of going out. Find some hobby to occupy yourself with, such as painting or reading. You could even go and set up a little gym in your home so that you could test the waters of working out.

Remember to Drink Water Daily

Better eating habits entail better drinking habits as well. Ditch the usual soda and sugary juice and drink lots of water instead. Even if you don’t reach the mandatory eight glasses a day, regularly drinking water throughout the hours will keep you hydrated and trick your body into thinking that you’re actually full.

Hit Pause on Everything Once in a While

Feeling an absurd amount of pressure can trigger stress-eating as a coping mechanism. In these times, it’s essential to give yourself a break and not be so hard on yourself. Do some self-care by giving yourself a breather and regulating the work that you’re carrying out. Take everything day by day.


Nothing has to be instant as you adjust to having healthier eating habits, but you need to start somewhere to elicit progress. Carrying out these plans will help you be one step closer to achieving a better and fitter lifestyle while at home.

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