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How to Take Efficient Snack Breaks While Working From Home

The past year’s unexpected turn of events regarding the relentless COVID-19 pandemic has pushed most professionals to either work from home or from a remote location. If you’re one of them, by now, you may be used to accomplishing your responsibilities and facing deadlines in the comforts of your household.

However, many people tend to focus too much on hustling and meeting deadlines that they forget to take breaks, balance their priorities, and even forget to eat a good snack! Even though you’re stuck in one place, you should always remember to follow a routine and to distribute your schedule equally to accommodate work, family, and alone time altogether.

That way, you don’t go out of bounds and lose control of everything you do, including maintaining a healthy diet. Keep reading below to find out some tips on how to snack responsibly and avoid unwanted weight gain.

Opt for Healthier Snacking Alternatives

After you’ve finished your meals and consumed your snacks, it’s possible for your hunger to slowly creep back in, keeping you from working properly and focusing on your tasks at hand. You can avoid the temptation to grab a bag of chips or give in to a slice of cake by selecting good healthy snacks to fill your cravings instead.

Veggie snacks like celery, cucumbers, and carrots are great choices if your body lacks the proper vitamins and minerals it needs to remain healthy and face the rest of the day. If you’re not in the mood for vegetables, there are always fruits to rely on, including apples, oranges, and bananas, to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Lay Down a Snacking Schedule

Snacking isn’t bad, so long as you do it smartly. At one point, everyone working from home will find themselves getting some snack food in between their next meal, which is normal. However, it will be best to remind yourself about your routine when you stayed in an office and try to apply it while working from home.

As much as possible, try to match your lunch and snack breaks now to what you had back when you were used to navigating a busy environment. For best results, you should have your meals and snacks every three to four hours to avoid starving and overeating.

Spend Some Time Preparing Snacks

Anyone who has ever experienced hunger knows that even if you’re trying to cut back on calories, sometimes, you just won’t have the energy to prepare a healthy meal. To help you stick to your diet, you should learn to lay down your tasks beforehand and use your free time to handle the food preparation and come up with an easy healthy snack.

Some food to consider include fresh fruits, healthy grains, hard-boiled eggs, and ready-to-eat veggies. If you’re keeping track of your portion sizes, you can place your snacks in containers or plastic bags to encourage mindful snacking and maintain your health goals.


When it comes to working from home, it’s important that you stick to a healthy routine to keep your life in proper balance. Maintaining a healthy diet is vital now more than ever, and so is snacking smartly. Remember to lay down a snacking schedule, spend time preparing your snacks, and opt for healthier snacking alternatives for better results.

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