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Coffee and Productivity [It's the Fuel That Keeps Us Going]

Coffee is one thing that most everyone seems to enjoy; smelling the aroma of the beans brewing and cradling that warm cup of goodness in your hands right before taking the first sip. For many, coffee is considered to be the fuel that keeps them going. A steaming hot cup of coffee is usually how most people start their day but can coffee really affect a person’s productivity level? This article aims to answer this very question.

Why do people flock to coffee shops to get their coffee fix? Why is it the go-to beverage when pulling an all-nighter? The answer lies in the effects that this miracle drink has on the human body.

Coffee and Productivity: It Is the Fuel That Keeps Us Going

Many people become productive because they drink coffee. They are able to accomplish more and get into the mindset they need to be in when they want to get things done. However, is there a direct correlation between drinking coffee and productivity?

How Caffeine Works

It all starts with a certain chemical in the body called adenosine. As the day goes by, the nervous system produces this chemical. When the adenosine level of the body reaches a certain level, your nervous system starts toning down. This is why people become sleepy at a certain point, especially after doing some work or after doing heavy thinking.

Caffeine works to counteract the absorption of adenosine by intercepting an A1 receptor but not activating it. This is the scientific explanation of why you suddenly do not feel sleepy anymore after drinking a cup of coffee. Caffeine itself is not actually stimulating you or waking you up. It just performs an action to prevent the chemical from taking its natural course and making you feel sleepy and tired.

You Develop a Tolerance Over Time

Just like with any other stimulant, one may develop a tolerance for it. This is why some people can have three or four cups of coffee in a single morning and others will end up with a splitting headache after only drinking half a cup.

It Helps People Get Going

In a way, the caffeine in coffee helps get on with their day. This is why it is in almost every breakroom in every office no matter where you are. People rely on it to get things done, and that is just the way it has always been.


Does coffee help raise productivity levels? In truth, the answer is yes and no. The grey area in this answer stems from everyone having a different reaction to coffee. People who drink it every day may experience increased productivity levels because these people are more able to focus because of their caffeine intake. However, for some people, coffee does not give them the energy boost they are looking for. People who do not take coffee on a regular basis may experience headaches and dizziness if the coffee they drank is too strong.

It can also mess with your sleep patterns. If you are not able to get enough sleep and rest, it can throw off your schedule for an entire day because of your inability to concentrate. However, for the most part, coffee does act as a stimulant and actually does help people get on with their day.

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