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A Simple 5-Step Snacking Plan for People Working at Home

The fun thing about working from home is that you get a relatively flexible schedule compared to working at the office. That means better time management and being able to do things when you need to. One of those prime activities is choosing when to eat.

There are two types of situations remote workers face: One is where you’re constantly eating a snack while working as a subtle form of procrastination. The other is where you’re continually prolonging your hunger to do your job. Both aren’t ideal, and it’s essential to have more of a balance than anything.

If you’re struggling with how you can stabilize your eating habits without sacrificing your productivity, here are a few tips:

Make a Snack Schedule

Having a properly planned schedule can help make sure you have some self-control and that you can pause from working. You can be smart about it and put a snack a couple of hours before lunch or dinner. Place your snacking in the short periods where you know you’ll be hungry.

This plan can help you avoid impulsively taking chips from the pantry every hour. Almost every worker is a little guilty of overeating when stressed. Along with that, it gives you a little something to look forward to.

Prep Snacks Beforehand

During your free time, prepare the snacks you’re going to eat. Make the sandwiches or skewer some fruits. If you’re craving cold brew, you might as well brew and refrigerate now. You can do this the night before and leave everything in the fridge until the next day. This saves you a whole lot of time when you’re taking a break from work.

You can also do this while watching a show and relaxing in peace. Alternatively, you can have your family help and turn this into a bonding experience. Just remember not to hand any knives to the little ones.

Incorporate Healthy Snacks

Although having the occasional cookie is fulfilling, it isn’t recommended to have that over and over again. When choosing your snacks, try and pick some healthy alternatives. Try out some yogurt instead of ice cream, and baked potato instead of turning it into french fries.

And of course, you can never go wrong with fruits and veggies. Apples, grapes, and oranges are all excellent choices that are mess-free, and you could cut some cucumber and carrots to go with them. You can also treat yourself to an avocado toast every now and then.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

You just have to draw a line and separate things sometimes. In this case, choose an area of your home dedicated to work and a space for snacking. Eating at your work desk isn’t going to do you any favor because your attention is going to the food anyway. You also can’t take your laptop and do tasks at the dining table when you can see all the food in sight.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Breaks

This serves as a little reminder that you need to take a break from working sometimes and just have a small munch. It can be chaotic to be in front of the computer the whole time, and you’ll only realize you’re tired later on. Don’t let all that stress build up, and just take a breath in between certain obligations.


It’s normal to lose control of yourself when you’re working from home and constantly adjusting. The main goal is to try to improve yourself and avoid work stress with a snack every now and then. We know you deserve it.

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