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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Eat Healthy Snacks at Work

We all know how hard it can be to eat healthy snacks at work. We don’t have the time to prepare our meals, so we end up with processed or fast food. Sometimes we end munching on sweets when we feel unproductive or order coffee from our favorite cafe.

It doesn’t help that we have vending machines on every floor tempting us with soda and candy bars. But, feeling energized and productive doesn’t have to be at the expense of our health. There are many healthy snacks we can eat to keep our energy levels up.

Here are five easy and simple ways to eat healthier while at work:

1 - Eat Easy Healthy Snacks That Will Keep You Alert

Working 8 hours a day can affect your energy levels and productivity. You can’t properly function when you’re tired and drained. Instead of reaching for junk food, try these healthy snacks:

  • Fresh Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Not only do they energize you, but they give you the necessary nutrients you need for your body. These can help you strengthen your immune system and lower the risk of diseases.

  • Dark Chocolate is a perfect balance between healthy and sweet. Eating healthy doesn’t mean eliminating all snacks. You can always grab a bite of your favorite dark chocolate whenever you are feeling sluggish at work. You just have to limit portion sizes to 1-2 ounces a day.

  • Nuts and Dried Fruits are healthy snacks because they are rich in fiber, healthy fats, and vitamins. Based on a study conducted in 2016, dried fruits and nuts improve nutrient intake and the quality of the American diet. So, grab these snacks while shopping for groceries.

  • Green Tea is a refreshing and healthy beverage that can increase your productivity while offering powerful antioxidants. If you need a hot drink that is both healthy and powerful, pick green tea.

2 - Prepare Your Food Before Work

Yes, it is a challenge to prepare meals before going to work, so prepare them in the evening and stock up on healthy snacks every week. This way, you would have readily available snacks at your desk whenever you are feeling peckish. Set a time to eat your healthy snacks. Eating while working is a sign of stress eating, and developing a schedule may reduce the frequency of stress eating.

3 - Stick to Your Plan

Consistency is the key to breaking bad eating habits and forming healthy ones. Create a plan and stick to your healthy snacks. In a few weeks, you’ll notice a change in your eating habits and work performance. Think of it as a daily ritual that you need to perform. In this way, you can seamlessly add it to your work routine.

4 - Be Creative

You don’t have to eat the same thing each day. Create a bit of variety in your meals. Try changing your meals for each day so that you won’t get bored. It doesn’t have to be big. You can simply change the fruits in your snacks or pick nuts every Wednesday.

5 - Enjoy the Experience

Lastly, enjoy the road to a stronger and healthier lifestyle! Transitioning to healthy snacks can be a new experience, but you can do it. You’ll reap the rewards in a few weeks and improve your overall mindset.

Final Thoughts

Working doesn’t have to stop you from living a healthy lifestyle. There are a couple of ways for you to eat healthy meals while working 8-12 hours a day. Not only will eating healthy increase your productivity at work, but it helps you improve your overall health—mentally and physically.

We at 21st Cup offer easy healthy snacks for you to bring to work. We can deliver coffee, snacks, and tea straight to your desk. Give us a call today to create better and healthier habits!

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