• Richard Burner

4 Common Misconceptions Revolving Around Snacking

Every time you find yourself hungry in between meals, the chances are that you will resort to eating good snacks. However, with the fulfillment of satisfying your hunger comes the unwanted myths surrounding snacking that involve unnecessary rules imposed by other people.

It’s time to put an end to the misconceptions you may have heard of. It’s essential to understand that snacking is normal, acceptable, and perfectly fine to do—for as long as it’s done within reason. Keep reading below to find out some of the misunderstandings regarding eating snack foods to help you learn what the truth actually is.

It Isn’t Good for Your Health

People with a habit of snacking late at night, when they’re bored, or when they feel their hunger slowly creeping are quick to believe that it’s an unhealthy way to curb your appetite. However, when you take the time to reach for healthy snacks, then you have nothing to worry about.

Snacking only becomes bad for your health when you select the kinds of food that are rich in artificial sugar, saturated fat, and salt. Instead of going for quick snacks that tend to be low in nutrients, you should opt for fruits, vegetables, and nuts that have all the nutrients you need to satisfy you.

It Takes Too Much Time to Do

Contrary to what people and social media can make you believe, preparing healthy snacks don’t always take too much of your time to accomplish. They’re actually fast and won’t require you to spend several hours in the kitchen just to come up with the perfect food.

In line with that, you won’t always have to combine ingredients to come up with a snack worth digging into, as, in a lot of cases, the simpler the snack, the healthier it is! You can opt for fresh fruits or a box of nuts or raisins and be on your way without experiencing any hassle.

It Ruins Your Appetite Before a Meal

When people tell you that you shouldn’t indulge in snacking too much because it could spoil your appetite and prevent you from enjoying your next meal, you shouldn’t be quick to believe them. While snacking throughout the day can prevent you from feeling hungry, it can benefit you and keep you from overeating during a meal.

All you need to do is learn how to choose good healthy snacks mindfully, and you can rest assured that it won’t prevent you from still having a good time during your upcoming meal. Thanks to snacking, you won’t be starving the moment you dig into your food, which keeps you from eating more than you can chew!

It Will Affect Your Workout Routine

Some people think that snacking before exercising is bad, so you tend to suffer through your workout while your stomach rumbles loudly. While it’s true that you shouldn’t eat a snack right before working out—as you will have a hard time digesting and moving your body at the same time—it’s still okay to eat a snack, especially when you’re hungry!

Just remember to have it an hour or two before your yoga class or gym workout begins to ensure you won’t encounter problems concerning your body’s digestion. Some of the best snacks to have before exercising include a banana, protein shake, or low-fat yogurt.


Now that we’ve gotten the misconceptions on snacking out of the way, you can stop being so hard on yourself every time you think about grabbing a snack throughout the day. Just remember to keep it within reasonable limits and to only get healthy snacks from reputable vendors!

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