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3 Ways to Make WFH More Productive, Interactive, and Fun

People are often rushing to beat the clock and check off the piling list of tasks on their plate. The hectic atmosphere often sweeps most nine-to-five jobs, but employees often find a silver lining in office break rooms since it creates a space where everyone can sit back, relax, and temporarily escape their routine.

Break rooms are often a lively area where distant teams can connect and collaborate, allowing everyone to feel sociable and ready to beat the afternoon slump after their lunch break. But now that the COVID-19 outbreak has put most professionals working from home, how can your business provide a haven where your team can unwind from all the stress?

Tip #1: Set Up Quick Coffee or Tea Chats During Lunch Hour

As many of you know by now, the grind from home isn’t all that different from the office, so it’s only natural that employees will need to optimize their breaks to feel replenished — physically and mentally.

Seeing as most workers love their daily dose of coffee or tea, why not recreate the vibes you get from your office break room by scheduling virtual coffee breaks with your team? It doesn’t have to eat up most of their time, but setting aside a few minutes every day to catch up with everyone over a warm, comforting drink can do wonders for boosting their productivity and morale.

Tip #2: Set Up Virtual Lunches

Lunchtime is often an exciting part of the day for many employees since it’s a time to head out, indulge in good food, and have fun with colleagues before going back to hustling. Unfortunately, being home-bound completely put a wrench to everyone’s routine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good food with your team even when you’re miles apart.

Everyone can gather together at the virtual table and share some laughs in between bites, though you can also take it further by sending in some treats to your team now and then to strengthen the feeling of “closeness” with your employees.

Tip #3: Set Up Company Contests and Challenges

People are still coping with the global pandemic, so it helps to take the extra mile and ensure everyone has something to look forward to by setting up virtual contests and challenges. These fun-filled activities can lighten the mood and encourage friendly competition, allowing everyone to stay engaged with each other.

For example, you can ask people to come up with WFH set-up hacks as a challenge or play around with online contests, anything that can keep your team in the loop.

The Bottom Line: Making Your Work From Home Setting More Engaging

While not all activities are everyone’s cup of tea, the list above explores simple yet engaging tips that can boost your employees’ mood, mindset, and connection even while social distancing.

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