Clean Modern Desk

How it Works

We curate a snack Kit that we send to your employees.  We offer Kits with variable frequencies, and variable contents.  All of our kits focus on providing healthy snacks, and some small treat (that's better for you!) 

For Solopreneurs, Freelancers, and small companies: 

Step 1 - Click Get Started 

Step 2 - Select Free Account  

Step 2 - Decide how often and which package suits your needs the most 

Step 3 - Sign up and Select from the Kits available (more kits are made frequently so checkback frequently or let us pick one for you)  

Step 4 - Want something that you don't see? Send us a message and we will try and customize a kit for you :) 


Want a Personal Consultation?

Send us some details, and we will be in touch to set you up with the perfect solution for yourself or your whole team.  Whether it's a one off event - a corporate party, a major celebration, conference, or something else - we have got the perfect healthy snacks, peppy coffee, and delicious teas to level up your day!