About Us

Living for Today

Let's face it, working remotely or WFH (work from home) has many  advantages, and some notable disadvantages.  One of the biggest disadvantages is the lack of "break room".  The area that you an relax with co workers and grab some coffee (or tea!) 

While working at home you have a lot more control of your environment, and your schedule. But you also have a lot more challenges, extra costs, mental strain, and difficulties setting boundaries.   Clients call (from multiple time zones) while your at a doctor visit, family members enter the frame of your zoom call, and its hard to start and stop your day without the commute experience breaking up your day.  

We love work remotely, and want to solve the problems related to the work from home lifestyle. 

Founded in 2020, 21st Cup is about living your best life in the 21st century.  As businesses, and technology evolve, workplace life has dramatically shifted too.  We are proud to offer products and services that will enhance your work from home experience.  We also have a growing library of information (a blog!) about navigating the 21st century workplace.  

Our core service consists of healthy snacks, coffee, and tea delivered to wherever you call work.  What we're really proud of is our portal that allows enrolled team members the chance to login and select from curated packages.  Over time we will use AI and machine learning to improve our offerings of the most popular - Health snacks, coffee, and tea combinations.